School Bus Tracking GPS Device

Protect your students of school from bus accidents track & monitor school bus,keep an eye on bus speed, driver driving behaviour, bus parts with our GPS Bus Security System and protect from theft or an unauthorized usage. Track and monitor transport companies with anti-theft tracking system when it is stolen. When any unauthorized access is detected you can switch off your bike engine just by sending SMS to your bike’s GPS Security system. Our GPS vehicle tracking device includes, GPS two wheeler tracking device and anti theft GPS for two wheeler with vehicle calling,Email and SMS alert. However, Two wheeler tracking system is to know your location via GPS tracker device. The two wheeler tracking device is the perfect hi-tech security solution to track your bike location all times.

We can put an invisible lock in your bike by installing Easy Secure anti theft GPS tracking device and can get an immediate vehicle calling alert on a mobile and SMS. This is all in one Bike tracking device and Bike security system for your bike. You will be getting information about your bike to your mobile on ignition detection, movement detection, exceeding speed limit ,on sudden braking, fuel theft SMS alert on bike theft, you can Switch Off engine via mobile phone, Vehicle location identification via SMS that is GPRS enabled Sim on mobile phone, GSM location updates and Tilting Alert.

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